Reached max memory size, need help!

Hey Everyone,

i just recently reached the max memory size (MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE of 30000), so i tried to use the command it told me to use “Use MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE of 50000.”, which didn’t work either. With a little bit of searching i found out that i have probably reached the max memory of the “Z-machine”… which makes me really confused since i was fairly certain i was using Glulx as i ticked Glulx as my Story File Format.

I then read further into the issue and discovered that appearantly Emily Short’s Basic Screen Effects is incompatible with Glulx. That made me really nervous since i am using that extension for a different extension called “Menus” by Wade Clarke. I have sort of based most of my writing around this extension, so to suddenly not being able to use that would really handicap everything i have been working on so far.

But i really don’t understand, if these extension aren’t supposed to work with Glulx, how can i then release my project and use them with Glulx? and why can’t i increase the MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE what is it i am missing?

I have used Wade’s Menus extension and Basic Screen Effects with Glulx before. As far as I know, the only sections of Basic Screen Effects that are not compatible with Glulx are the sections for changing the font color and background color. Clearing the screen, centering text, and so forth should work in Glulx.

Make sure you’re actually checking the console to see what your error message is. The error message explanation you receive in the IDE uses MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE as an example. It might not be MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE you need to increase.

And I use Basic Screen Effects in nearly everything I do, which is almost always Glulx.

I did not see the console tab until you pointed it out (still very new with inform 7).
Appearantly i was using MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE of 200000 (somewhere somehow) and had exceeded that…

Thanks for the help!