Re: Hush rule and last year's authors board

If the gag rule were removed, I think all of those would be appropriate in the sense of not breaking any rules. But, people might not feel comfortable posting or making those threads in public regardless, and I think in a broader decorum sense some of it might not be appropriate. I would hope there would still be a private board for authors, and I see no indication that there wouldn’t be; the private author forum doesn’t exist purely for gag rule reasons, after all.

I haven’t entered IFcomp since before authors’ boards were a thing, but I’ll go on record as still wanting there to be a private board if the gag rule is lifted (and I support lifting it.) When I did enter, I had discussions with other author that we wouldn’t have wanted to have in public, and the sense of comradeship between the authors was lovely.

Definitely got to keep the private author board. Everyone’s just so much nicer in there. Our “reviewing the reviewers” thread was also a very cathartic way of privately venting our frustrations over the reviews that we thought were written by asshats (yall know who you are). Everything else I guess would be okay for the public boards, but it would probably be in the authors best interests to keep some of those private or wait until after the Comp.

In the years I’ve entered, I’ve really valued the IFComp authors’ board for its sense of community. I’m pretty sure that I’ll enter again someday, and when I do, I hope it’ll be there.

Yes, as stated in my RFC post, there would still be a private authors’ board.