Rayuela JAM, a new competition for mythological games

(Ruber Eaglenest) #1

Hi people,

We have organized a new JAM/competition for games inspired by Borges and Cortázar. That is, the topic of the comp is religion and mythology. The jam will officially start in August. But you can start your game right away. But it has a caveat. It is only for games written in Spanish.


Also, it is an event, an online event, from now till the jam start we will promoting and releasing online content: talks, articles, tutorials, etc. All in Spanish.

So why I announce this here? Well, in the international community there are some people who are capable (or fluent) of speak Spanish, maybe even write a game. Also, maybe someone who manages herself in Spanish could team up with natives speakers or fluent students to do a proper release as I did with Daurmith.

And that is. Oh, wait, also we look for collaborations. For the online event. Ok now yes, that is.

You can follow the jam at Textualiza’s Twitter:


See you.

Ruber Eaglenest.

(Parser Commander) #2

This year, Rayuela de Arena JAM 2019 starts in April the 1st, under the topic of magic realism, the marvelous style so related with Latin American literature.

It is still a Spanish language only competition. Last year i didn’t see any English speaker collaborating in games creation, but at least one playing them :slight_smile:

You are welcome aboard!


I love the concept… but my Spanish is just enough to get me into a bar fight. I grew up in Los Angeles, so a lot of slang and thinly veiled insults aimed at gringos. But the topic is VERY interesting.

(Parser Commander) #4

Hey, man, that sounds like a Hollywood thriller! :smiley:

It deserves a suburban interactive fiction :wink:

Come on with it! ^.^

Yes, i think the same. People organizing the JAM choose a very nice/poetic topic this year. Perhaps it is a bit risky and difficult for creators, but i love it.

(Ruber Eaglenest) #5

Hey, have you considered looking for a spaniard collaborator?

If you are interested, there’s a place in the jam for looking for collaborators:


Also, we can help you to find one on twitter or something.

Just say so, if you are still interested. Regards!


It is probably going to have to wait. I have been down for 2 weeks with the flu and getting WAY behind in real world work. But I may use the theme and do an English version just because I think it is such a good idea. I appreciate the offer though, thank you.

(Chris Conley) #7

Jmmm… Quisiera crear uno, nunca he escrito realmente en español, pero ya tengo tantos proyectos en marcha…

(Parser Commander) #8

Hey Chris, it would be great if you create something, no matter how small! The goal is to be able to say in the future: “I was there!” ^.^

I’m sure people will help you with Spanish grammar if you need it although I see you very fluent with it :wink:

I think that project overload is a common issue here too :smiley:

And we have a very nice “cover art” for this year Rayuela JAM made using watercolor by artist @ThandaArt

Evocative, isn’t it? Join the JAM!


parece muy divertido! pensaré sobre unirme. aunque no soy una hispanohablante nativa