Ratio between two values

I need to find the ratio of two real numbers which have units attached to them (“1.0z specifies a foobar”). The numbers seem to work fine on their own. But if I divide them, the result is nonsensical. For example, 10.0z divided by 40.0z gives 1.04857 × 10^9 as the result. Is there a way to make this work sensibly? Or at least a way to cast these values to unitless real numbers to divide?

Sample code:

A testval is a kind of value. 1.0z specifies a testval.

The Lab is a room.

When play begins:
	let x be 10.0z;
	let y be 40.0z;
	let q be x divided by y;
	let r be a real number;
	let r be x divided by y;
	say "X = [x] Y = [y] Q = [q] R = [r]".


This is bug inform7.com/mantis/view.php?id=1417 .

Aha. Trying the workarounds listed there and they seem to be functioning properly now. Thanks!