rank system not working

instead of making the rank system use scores, i’m making it use the turn count.
I’m getting an error:
Problem. You wrote ‘say “you pour the purple liquid down th […] you’ve earned the title of [Rank]!”’ , but that only works for sayable values, that is, values which I can display in text form. This isn’t one of those values: it’s a texts valued table column, a kind which isn’t sayable.

My code is

[code]Instead of giving Draught of Eternal Slumber to Wings3:
say "you pour the purple liquid down the unconsious Wing Dings’ mouth. With a small gulp, he lets out a sigh and a short snore. You decide to leave him here. You’ve reached the end of your journey. What will you do now? Help the Soulbounds that have finished training in stopping other forces of evil or find mysterious artefacts by yourself? Maybe you’ll stay and be a teacher at the camp. As you leave the tunnel, the cabin and the camp you drop the empty vial onto the wet soil. Rain starts to fall, but you can still see the clouds. You might be wet, but this is okay. Because now there’ll be a rainbow.
[line break] the end.[line break][line break][line break][line break]

You finished the story in [turn count] moves, so you’ve earned the title of [Rank]!";
end the story finally.

and the rank system is in a table which is:

Table of Turn Count Turn count Rank 5 "XYYZYer" 120 "Speed-runner" 150 "Master Soulbound" 175 "Wizard" 200 "Novice Soulbound" 225 "Amateur Soulbound" 250 "Beginner" 300 "Sucker"

How would I fix this?

You need to tell Inform to look it up in the table as well. It’s natural to think that Inform understands what you mean: obviously, when you say “rank”, you assume the rank corresponding to the other table, which should be a number less than or equal to the turn count.

None of these things are obvious to Inform, however; you must look it up explicitly.

[code]Instead of giving Draught of Eternal Slumber to Wings3:
say “You finished the story in [turn count] moves, so you’ve earned the title of [your rank]!”;
end the story finally.

To decide which text is your rank:
repeat through the Table of Turn Count:
if the turn count is not greater than the turns entry:
decide on “[rank entry]”;
decide on “”.

Table of Turn Count
Turns (a number) Rank (text)
5 “XYYZYer”
120 “Speed-runner”
150 “Master Soulbound”
175 “Wizard”
200 “Novice Soulbound”
225 “Amateur Soulbound”
250 “Beginner”
300 “Sucker”

Wings3 is a man. The Draught of Eternal Slumber is a thing.
Home is a room. Everything is in Home.[/code]