Ramblings on the edge of coherence : Tale's reviews


here I will post my reviews of Comp 2012. I’m going through the games in the most sensible order imaginable - From the shortest to the longest title, excluding author.

I will post no specific spoiler warning, but rather but every review in a spoiler tag. Read at your own risk.

And a huge thank you to all authors, organizers , prize donators and reviewers.



Hi Taleslinger – would you mind putting the name of the game in the post text, above the spoiler tag? I can see the game name in the post subject, but it’s very small type and kind of out of the way.

And done. Thanks for the input.

This may be pushing it, but eh… could you put them in bold case? Makes it much easier to find the reviews of the games you’ve already played when you’re scrolling through the thread. [emote]8-)[/emote]

This is it! I’m leaving the IF scene… ah nevermind.

Hmm, I think it’s just a little too bold now. Maybe change the color?

Just kidding.



This game is written in Quest, which is a system I find clumsy and counter-intuitive. I seem to get by fine in this game without typing anything, -it has hyperlinks and drop down menus, which I always find neat – but everything seems unnecessarily doubled here. Exits are mentioned, yet there is a compass rose which highlights available exits. The room description shows interactive objects as hyperlinks, yet there is a seperate list.
But enough about this, to the game itself.
The way to enlightenment doesn’t include grammar. Ahem. Signos has the potential of being at least an interesting game, but its sparse implementation and oddball writing style (my guess is english isn’t m4u’s first language) throws me off. Add to that the unhelpful responses and bland setting and there is little incetive for me to go on.
Still, the idea behind this might be interesting, if given some more work. I’d take another look at this if this got some proof-readers and a few more hours of work.

The red text is a little glaring. Can we have it in blue? [emote]:)[/emote]

Next time, old chap. Next time.