Rage Quest: Disciple of Peace - John Ayliff

I have posted a review here: blog.templaro.com/review-rage-qu … ple-peace/

  • Jack

Thank you for this review!

I know I shouldn’t really respond to reviews, but I want to address a couple of specific points:

  • The bug you found is already fixed in the online version, so should only appear in the version from the archive of all games.
  • “Claws” displays the weapon you’re using, and should change when you acquire a weapon. I’m surprised you went through three playthroughs without getting a weapon. Only the text changes, not the colour, so it’s possible it changed and you didn’t notice (in which case that’s some poor UI design that I’ll avoid in future games). If you’re getting a weapon and the text isn’t changing, that’s a bug.

Choice of Games games were indeed a big influence, although I wasn’t trying to mimic them completely.

Hi John,

I don’t think there’s any problem with replies to correct factual issues.

  • Yes, to put everyone on an even playing field (and also because I tend to play offline), I grabbed the big zipped download on day one and have been playing from that, so I sometimes am reporting bugs that have already been fixed in an update.

  • You’re right about the weapon changing - I just hadn’t noticed it. My eyes were usually down on the text, so I must have only glanced up at it when I had only claws. I’ll fix that in the blog version of the review.

  • Jack