Raconteur / Hacking Undum

Okay, I need to make a modification in Undum core for my game. As I imagine, there are two possibilities:

  1. Make a change in Undum core, merge it to upstream, wait. If you have to deviate, you can do an option. Undum is a general engine, so it benefits from having multitude of options.

  2. Fork undum-commonjs to a git repo, edit package.json in your game so it would use your Undum.

Here’s the question: did I miss something? Seems about right, yes?

2 is a precondition to 1 (you need to have your own git repo with a fork of the project to submit pull requests, after all). You don’t have to fork both repos unless you are going to make changes to both. Otherwise, yes, this is how one would do it; I don’t recommend trying to get upstream patches accepted in time for your own project, so I suggest you go with 2.