Quotation marks in link text

Okay, so, if you write [["Hello!"|SayHello]], the quotation marks don’t show up, and if you write [['"Hello!"'|SayHello]], the quotation marks do show up.

But if your link text has an apostrophe in it, e.g. [['"I don't know..."'|DontKnow]], it displays as ‘“I don’t know…”’. And of course [["I don't know..."|DontKnow]] displays without any quotation marks.

I know if you make the quotation marks part of the passage name, they will show up, but the way my conversation trees are set up, all the dialogue options are usually linking to the same passage, as such:

[["I don't know..."|XConv1]]
[["I do know, actually!"|XConv1]]

(With, obviously, a bunch of stuff with <<link>> setting variables to change the text that displays in XConv1 depending on what you said.)

Removing quotation marks altogether is also something I’ve considered, but sometimes the options are like:

“I don’t know.”
“I do know, actually!”
Say nothing.

So then that looks weird if there’s no quotation marks at all.

HTML entities and tags won’t work inside link text, as far as I can tell.

Do I have any options other than laboriously copy-pasting smart quotes or putting my quotation marks outside the link text? The former is a massive pain, and the latter looks weird–even if I manually set them to be the color of the link, I have links changing color on hover and it’s then very obvious that the quotation marks do not change with them.

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You were really close with surrounding it with single quotes. That’s the way to do it. The missing component is that you need to escape the apostrophes inside the double quotes with a back slash (this is a common javascript thing). So it goes like this:

[['"I don\'t know..."'|XConv1]]

Ahhhh, okay. I forgot to mention I had tried escaping the quotation marks themselves (without the single quotes), but it never occurred to me to escape the apostrophe, for some reason. Thank you!