[Quixe] Styling windowport?

I’d like to give Quixe’s windowport element rounded corners (CSS). Unfortunately, immediately after the element renders with my chosen styling, Quixe (actually GlkOte, I think) apparently restyles the element (via javascript) to have squared corners. I’ve looked at the javascript source, but don’t see right off how to prevent this. Any ideas how to accomplish this?


Hm. I don’t remember doing anything to the windowport at all. The only style-setting I do is to the individual window divs (to set their position), and to the input field.

Can you apply your styles to the gameport? The windowport is 100% of the gameport.

Ah, that’s the solution–each window’s corners must be rounded individually in addition to the underlying windowport or gameport (whichever you decide to style–I was putting a shadow on the gameport). Should have thought of that–thanks!