Quixe Save Game Files

Testing the “Release with an interpreter” in the latest version, it seems to work nicely with Glulx games. But I’m puzzled about one thing: When I save a game state, it’s accessible the next time I open Safari and launch the game, but I can’t find a file with a matching filename anywhere on my hard drive.

Where are the save files being stored, and in what form? Thanks for any insights!


Save games are stored in the HTML5 “local storage” database. You can read about it here: diveintohtml5.org/storage.html

From the naive user’s point of view, it’s a big web cookie.

Getting the thing out (to use in another interpreter) is another question. I can think of ways to do it, but I haven’t implemented anything.

(The same problem applies to stored game transcripts, which Quixe also puts in local storage.)

Thanks. That page provides enough explanation for now. Someday I might have a technical question or two, but not this month.

FWIW, I don’t see the transcript storage exporting as a big issue. Transcripts are mainly used by testers, and there’s no reason why testers can’t run a game in a local terp. Well, at some point I guess you do need people to hunt for Quixe-specific bugs, but those can be captured and sent to the author in other ways.


If anyone else wants to help, the way is of course to use data: links and the .getAsBinary() function on inputs. The tricky part will be getting it work cross browser. It may not be possible for IE.