Quixe issue with Spring Thing games

The games look awesome. There is one thing, though. It seems like there is an issue with the older Quixe interpreter some of the Inform games are released with. The scrolling up from the bottom of the screen seems to be awry, and the More button is not working.

I vaguely remember this being an issue with one of the terps a couple of years ago when the games were released for IF comp.

In my browser, it’s making the games almost unplayable.

I’m using Chrome (Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)) under windows 10.

It looks like the games released with Quixe for Inform 7 (v. 2.1.2) have this issue - I’m seeing it in Bullhockey and Empty Chamber, but 2.1.6 (Founder’s Mercy…) looks good. Can I suggest if authors read this, if you have released with 2.1.2, get the latest version of Quixe and re-release.

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Really excited to be playing Spring Thing games.



2016? I remember doing this to Fair. I just checked the author forums and this was happening with Inform’s built-in Parchment interpreter. I remember it was discovered during the zone between deadline and release, and everyone had to do a day-one update to add release along with the Quixe interpreter to Inform games to replace the parchment build for web play.

I think the situation was some authors specifically did not release with an interpreter (which would have been Quixe) and the IFComp site was defaulting to Parchment for online web play. I tried Andrew Schultz’s current ST game and noticed it was in Parchment online. That might be preferred for Z-code. Dunno if …Keys is actually in Z.

Updated Quixe from @zarf’s site:


The easiest way to release a game with Quixe is to have Inform 7 build a web site for you. Quixe 1.3.1 is included with current releases (6L02 and on), so you just need to add the line:

Release along with an interpreter.
When you select the “Release” option in I7, it will build a complete Quixe installation for your game, in your project’s Materials folder. Upload all of these files to your web server, and the game will be playable.

If you want the latest version of Quixe (Quixe 2.1.6), you will need to download this template package:

  • Quixe-216.zip – Quixe 2.1.6 for Inform 7 (template package for 6F95 and later)

Download this zip file and unzip it. Move the resulting Quixe directory to the appropriate Inform template directory for your computer. (On a Mac, this is the Library/Inform/Templates folder in your home directory. On Windows, it is My Documents\Inform\Templates . See the “Website Templates” chapter of Writing With Inform.)

(More on the site specifically about older versions of I7)

I don’t remember the exact issue that’s coming up here. My Quixe history notes don’t mention scrolling problems. There’s a note about the MORE prompt failing to disappear, which is not the same as what’s described above?

(https://github.com/erkyrath/quixe , scroll down to Version History.)

It is true that 2.1.2 is old (as old as the current release of Inform 7, obviously) and installing a later template package is a good idea.