Quixe and whitespace

I’ve uploaded a game to ifcomp.org, and found a difference in its appearance when I play it from there.

I’ve put a few options into a list which is displayed when you type MENU. It’s intended to display as two columns, with the command in the first and the purpose in the second. In order to avoid a ragged alignment for the second column, I’ve made the first column a fixed-width font and padded the text with enough spaces to align the second column.

[code]To say f:
say “[fixed letter spacing]”.

To say /f:
say “[variable letter spacing]”.

Displaying the menu is an action out of world. Understand “menu” or “help” as displaying the menu.

Carry out displaying the menu:
say “Welcome to [story title][paragraph break]”;
say “Access the extras at any time with these commands:[paragraph break]”;
say “[f]ABOUT [/f]Learn the story of [story title][line break]”;
say “[f]ART [/f]Display the cover art[line break]”;
say “[f]CREDITS [/f]Read the credits[line break]”;
say “[f]HINTS [/f]Access the hint menu[paragraph break]”.[/code]

This has worked fine in every interpreter I’ve tried, including Quixe when I’m running from files on my hard drive. But, when I run from the website, I find that the multiple spaces between the command and the purpose have been consolidated into a single space.

ABOUT Learn the story of Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night! COLOR Switch between the monochrome and colorized versions ART Display the cover art CREDITS Read the credits HINTS Access the hint menu

I’ve released with the latest Quixe interpreter:

Release along with […a long list of things…] and the "Quixe" interpreter.

In both cases, the game page says “Quixe for Inform 7 (v. 2.1.6)”. The lines look identical otherwise, with the command showing up in a fixed-width font. The only difference I see is that the version I run from my hard drive shows the intended number of spaces, while the one from ifcomp.org shows only one space.

Anyone have an idea how to fix this? Or a different kludge to align the columns?


What you’re doing is legal, so I think this is an error that ifcomp.org is introducing.

Quixe’s CSS defines “white-space: pre-wrap;” for story window lines, and this prevents whitespace from collapsing. Maybe IFComp’s setup is missing that line? I’ll ask.

Sorry we let this sit around for two weeks. It is indeed an error that IFComp introduces. (In the course of hacking in the server-side transcript feature.)

I have filed a bug: github.com/iftechfoundation/ifcomp/issues/151 . Jmac will follow up on the server side.

Thanks! I appreciate it.