Quixe 2.2.2 and GlkOte 2.3.3

See home page: Quixe: a Glulx VM interpreter written in Javascript

These fix the bug described in this thread: Trouble with scrolling (Quixe) - #24 by zarf

They now use the (relatively) modern ResizeObserver() API to detect certain size changes. Old browsers (pre-2020) may not support this, which could in theory cause a problem, but these are subtle size-change cases and I’m pretty sure nobody will notice. The basic functionality of “resize your browser window” will not break – that’s a different event.

This fix won’t affect Lectrote, since Lectrote’s engine (Chromium) never suffered from that scrolling bug as far as I know. But I should do a Lectrote release this weekend anyhow.