Quick thoughts on comp13 games

Hi deubelba, I’m in sympathy with what you’ve said about most of the games I’ve played. On Who Among Us, though: [spoiler]It is interactive, a little. A couple of points. First, interactivity can sometimes contribute to a story even if it doesn’t cause the plot to branch or affect a world model. The Walking Dead is a great example of this, but the way Who Among Us deals with the PC’s frustrated desire to get what he needs from the basement and then get out is effective, too; it’s a good way of making the early scenes uncomfortable, before the murders kick in.

Second, there are a couple of choices which affect the ending you get. You can walk away without any money, and there’s a choice at the end. I don’t think it’s handled very well: the two main problems are a) because it’s the absolutely final thing you do, it’s very easy to hit the back button and click through the options without investing in any of them and b) it asks the player to think about the mystery, which is potentially good; but there are enough weaknesses in the plot and the writing that I don’t think it can count on the player feeling confident that any effort they put into that thinking is going to be rewarded.[/spoiler]