Quick review of Before The End Of The World

Hi all.
This is my first post here even though I’ve had an account since 2014 and forgot about it.
Yesterday I played Before The End Of The World by silverstring Media, and thought I’d draw your attention to it since I haven’t seen it being discussed. I came across it whilst browsing MathBrush’s lists on IFDB.
Anyway, When I first started playing, I didn’t quite know what to expect as I’ not too familiar with the kinds of games that people make with Twine. I usually play parser IF when I play IF at all.
I don’t want to give much away as it’s a short piece, but by the end I was moved to tears. The story combined with the music made this truly beautiful, and I think everyone should experience it at least once.
You can find the game here:
silverstringmedia.com/before-the … -the-world
I’d love to read your thoughts about it.

All the best,