"Questions" - suppressing title?


I’m using Michael Callaghan’s Questions extension, which I used to rewrite something I had using AW Freyer’s Hybrid Choices. It’s working brilliantly and saving a lot of code, except for one thing.

I’m using it before the game to set some settings, which change variables in the code. That all works fine, except it prints the title before giving the command line, which I want to avoid. I already have the code suppressing the banner text to reveal at an appropriate time later on, and this kinda ruins the moment.


the starting room is a room.

include Questions by Michael Callaghan.
the display banner rule is not listed in the startup rulebook.

when play begins:
	say "Let's change some settings!";
	now the current question is "";
	now current question menu is {"Alright!", "Let's get started!", "Go for it!"};
	ask a closed question, in menu mode;


Let’s change some settings!

1 - Alright!

2 - Let’s get started!

3 - Go for it!

starting room

Please select a number between 1 and 3 >

The desired result: the same thing as above but without the “starting room” text.

the initial room description rule does nothing.