Questions Extension Error

I am an Inform7 newbie.

I installed Questions by Michael Callaghan.

When I click on Extensions, I get the following Warning:

Questions .i7x by Michael Callaghan - an extension stored in the correct author’s folder, but with the wrong filename (the extension says it is ‘Questions by Michael Callaghan’)

I checked the file name in Finder (MacOSX) and it appears as Questions.i7X without the space between Questions and .i7x .

The original file starts: Version 5 of Questions (for Glulx only) by Michael Callaghan begins here.

I tried modifying it to: Questions by Michael Callaghan begins here.

Neither version gets rid of the Warning.

Please advise.

It’s possible when you copied it over, you may have included the i7x in the name of the extension. If you have file suffixes hidden, you may discover the file may be named “Questions i7x.i7x”

What you can do is open the extension in the IDE (file>open extension) and look at what it’s called, then open it and see what the header says. It will be something like “Questions by Michael Callaghan begins here.” and at the end “Questions by Michael Callaghan ends here.” Those need to match the name Inform installed the extension as in its directory. You can correct this in the extension text and save it to see if that fixes the problem.

You might possibly need to delete the extension from the folder and install a new version with everything named similarly (and restart Inform) to make it register.

On current OSX, the extension folder I think is in the hidden Library folder, but I think there’s a File>Open Extensions Folder that will find it for you.

I found the folder, renamed the file, and added Questions by Michael Callaghan ends here. Something is still throwing up an error. But I’m not sure its worth solving at this point. Best to look for another CYOA extension.

Thanks for trying.

I have had success with Hybrid Choices by AW Freyr.