Questions about playing The Vaults

I wanted to take a look at playing The Vaults. The “play” link goes to an external website, so I had these questions.

  1. Are there any security reasons against giving my Google email to save progress? I’m guessing Unity is secure, but I’ve never played a Unity game where you saved a password.
  2. The server frequently times out. Are some times of day better to access the site than others? Is there a lot of multimedia to download?
  3. Is one web browser better than others for Unity, or The Vaults in particular?
  4. Finally, I stumbled through my first fight and won, but I’m not sure how. I think I used my cards right. Can anyone give mention what to click?

(If I’m missing something else, I’d like to know–maybe others have odd questions, too. The threads for Wabewalker and Cygnet Committee helped me to play and enjoy them.)