I have a question:

How do I get out of the alter ego house and resume my game?

What game are you playing?

Also, the spoiler syntax is

[spoiler]Spoiler text goes here![/spoiler]

When you say what game you’re playing, it’d help to fix the spoiler too.

(Also, welcome to the forums!)

Playing Nameless, Endless (think that’s the name), and I’m starting to realize that game might be too difficult for my age. Anyway,
I know the normal entrance to the adventure world, buuut when I go through there the quest startes again and I don’t know if that’s normal. Plus, if I die again after returning to the adventure world, I have to sit through the same speech of the first alter ego AGAIN

As it happens, I just played Endless, Nameless for the first time this weekend. Took me two long evenings to get through it, for what that’s worth. It’s not terribly hard if you don’t mind taking hints from your alter egos.

Yeah, that’s intended behavior AFAICT. The RECORDING/REPLAY commands can be used to remove a lot of the tedium from repeating the initial stages of the adventure over and over.

Hm, that didn’t happen for me. I’m not real sure if saving in the adventure world and then restoring back to that state keeps or loses progress in the other world, but if you did a lot of that, you might try not doing it to see if your alter egos start behaving differently as you learn more.

Thanks so much!
Now, if you don’t mind, could you help me with another thing?
I figured out the make-big-marlin-fly-over-labyrinth thing, but when I got there the sorceress kicked me, I’ve heard what she was saying and couldn figure out nothing from it

Well, the COTTAGE expert could help you with that, but here’s another clue: what would it take to open the cottage door?

Ooooooh right. Ok, gonna try to move on a bit more!
I warn you though, I’m determined to finish this game, and I’ll probably post many times again before I can do that.

I hope you stick with it. I enjoyed that game a lot!