Question linked to IFMapper

Like I said in my first post I am only just starting out with IF on a PC.

Yesterday I downloaded IFMapper as it sounded a good program for mapping out any IF games I play on me PC. Now it says it has a Automapping function which I am impressed or will be if I figure how it tell you what to do. Now this is my question in the description for automapping it says and I quote

"To use automapping, go to your game and start a transcript. Usually this is done by doing:


and then specifying the name of the file."

What does the above mean?

Cap Man (Keith).

For IFMapper to automap your game it obviously needs to receive information about the game as you’re playing it.

By turning on >script, what you’re doing is writing everything you see in your game interpreter window to a text file (called whatever you want). When you turn on the automap in IFMapper you also are asked to select a file to map from – this is the same text file you are asked to name for your script file.

IFMapper basically looks at either the room names or the room descriptions (your choice) and the directions (north, south, etc.) that you input into the interpreter as you play to make its map. The reason why you type >verbose is to always see full room descriptions as you play. Now, if in the automapper you select the option to map via room name, I imagine you wouldn’t need to turn on >verbose – but sometimes you might want to map by room description, for example if you’re in a maze.

Does that answer the question?

Cheers George that was just what I was looking for.

Cap Man (Keith).