Question about the style of informs authoring UI (Not sure if I'm calling it the right thing)

So I’ve been interested in really sitting down and learning how to use inform 7 for quite some time but haven’t really had the time till pretty recently, but now I have another problem with it…

I’ve become pretty sensitive to very bright static light near where I’m focusing in the past few years, to the point I can get headaches if I need to stare at bright on dark layouts if the bright is just too strong for me. I can’t seem to find any style or layout options in inform 7 allowing me to change that and I don’t know if there’s anthing within it’s files I can modify to change the colors or layout. Is there anything I can do with this or am I just out of luck and need to look elsewhere if I’m going to get serious about writing IF?

Try the Edit menu, then choose Preferences. (At least that’s where it is in the Windows IDE)

If this still isn’t to your liking, you can write Inform in any text editor, then copy-and-paste it into the Inform IDE

Have you tried Windows (and or OS X) accessibility options for the display.

Alternatively, I have used ZoomText for years to modify the color and size of my display.

ZoomText has a 30 day free demo if it might help with your vision issues?

Please pardon me if I am exceeding my bounds.