Question About Releasing a Commercial Game

I want to write a large project that will take place over many episodes. Along with the initial free release for each book in the game I want to offer each new episode in the book for a small fee to support the continued work as well as adding graphic art, web details and other expenses along the way.

My question is can a project be released commercially using Inform extensions?

If you’re asking whether it’s legal, the answer is yes.

If you’re asking whether there’s an extension which will help with this, then no.

All extensions on the Inform site are released under CC:

So you have to credit the authors (i.e. don’t suppress the banner text or >VERSION), but otherwise you’re good to go.

If you’re using extensions that were published elsewhere, they may have a different license; you should check.

It was a legal question. Thanks so much for the help.

I do have an altered banner text but I can easily list the extensions in the same manner that the original VERSION command would have displayed them. I did notice though that in the default banner VERSION not all of the used extensions were attributed. What was the reason for this?

I will take a closer look at all of this to make sure I get it right.

There’s an option for an extension author to exclude the extension from VERSION listing. It goes against the license but it’s generally interpreted that the author has waived their right to be credited in this case.

If you want play it safe you can still print the complete list of extensions with “the complete list of extension credits” (chapter 27.6 in the manual).

Thanks, I will look at implementing that.