Question about player preferences in descriptions of clothing

Got it. At least I can add some proper clothing and let Alice complain if Bob starts stripping. But still I rather have a nice flowing line listing inventory items than an IT-like vertical list. I will check out how Zarf did it.

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I actually discovered this was possible in the source of Graham Nelson’s The Reliques of Tolti-Aph. You can write entire rules inside paragraphs!

Understand the command “rest” as “sleep”. Understand the command “dream” as “sleep”. Understand the command “meditate” as “sleep”. Check sleeping (this is the can’t sleep outside of sanctuary rule): if the location is not the Sanctum Sanctorum and the location is not the Temple of Peace, say “This is not a safe enough place to recuperate. Nowhere exposed to attack is ever safe.” instead. Check sleeping: if the strength of the player is the permanent strength of the player, say “You are hale and hearty, with no need of rest.” instead.


Check out the examples in Chapter 6.7 of the Recipe Book, especially Equipment List and it’s “wide” inventory sty.e


Perfect! Persephone seems to be right what I was looking for, thx! Looks soo much better than the laundry list I see everywhere. And then including extra pieces of clothing won’t claim a lot of vertical screen real estate either.

You're carrying a sword, a strawberry stem and 20 credits worth of platinum. You're wearing a sash indicating lordhood.
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1a. Including only the belt in the inventory, but adding an earlier puzzle using it, so it doesn’t stick out later. It can also be made to seem exhausted in some way (perhaps you remove the batteries which power its decorative lights for another purpose), but is either refreshed later or used in another way.

1b. Make getting the belt an early puzzle, so having it isn’t so remarkable.

3a. Only mention the belt in “x me”, but use it or another element of the description in an earlier puzzle to prime the player.

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