Question about mac

here recently I went to the if archive selected the mac category download in a game or two from there. However, when I try to play it, it says I need the stuff it expander or some thing I get that. then I tried to open the game through the stuff at expander, but it fails to open each time I try is there any interpreters that I can play these games with?

Perhaps give a couple of examples of the games that you are trying to play? It will largely depend how they were written and also how you are wanting to play them. Do you have a Mac? Are you using a Mac emulator?

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I had a look in the archive where you were looking and can say that the majority of files in there are standalone apps for quite old Mac systems, harking back to the time when Stuffit and/or hqx was the default way of compressing such archives on Macs. We’re generally talking about what is now called Mac Classic, which ended in 2001. Anything you see in the archive with a pre-2002 submit date is going to be for Mac Classic (or even older) and won’t run on a current Mac. As it turns out, nor will almost anything else in the archive.

A few games there are old Mac-specific versions of games you can just get off IFDB and play in a current interpreter (e.g. LASH, Worlds Apart)

If you want to run one of those old Stuffit games on a Mac emulator, you’d need a Mac Classic emulator like Sheepshaver (SheepShaver [E-Maculation wiki]). This isn’t the easiest emulator to set up. I also banned it from my 2010 Mac because it had a bug that was capable of shocking the computer to the power off state!


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