question about extensions

Okay so i just wanna make sure i get this right.

when you say “include CODETHING by COOLPERSON” basically it digs through the folder coolperson for the content of the file named codething and when you build the game it basically replaces that section of the code with the content of the file named codething.

so if codething was an extension containing justTo say moo: say "bingo";

and someone went[code]include codething by coolperson.

when play begins:
say “[moo]”;[/code]

the game would say “bingo” when starting up, right? (very basically put)

anything an extension writer would have to keep in mind, or can they basically quick-copy-paste chunks of code into an extension to use it again and again and again?


What you should keep in mind is that an extension that you want other people to use should have good documentation. But if you’re just using extensions to share code between your own games, or to cut up your large program into more files, go crazy!

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Is it best to work with

first when play begins:


when play begins:

in extensions?

anything to avoid, now i’m asking questions?
or any handy advice?

I’d just use “When play begins”, unless it really is something that needs to happen first. Note that if you have to worry about the ordering of rules, you’ll also have to think about where to place the extension in your main game: later declarations have priority over earlier ones.

Hard to give advice without knowing what your extensions are about. :slight_smile:

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