Question about accuracy of text in door chapter of DM4

In chapter 13 of the DM4, we have this paragraph:

Care is required here because two different actions can make the player pass through the door. In the Corridor above, the player might type “s” or “go south”, causing the action Go s_obj . Or might “enter stone door” or “go through door”, causing Enter StoneDoor . Provided the door is actually open, the Enter action then looks at the door’s door_dir property, finds that the door faces south and generates the action Go s_obj . Thus, provided that the door is open , the outcome is the same and you need only write code to trap the Go action.

However, looking at the inform6lib source (v6.12.4) for EnterSub, it seems that “Enter StoneDoor” would actually cause a <Go StoneDoor> action to be generated, rather than <Go s_obj>.

Could someone help me understand the library’s operation in this regard, or confirm that the DM4 misspoke?

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You’re right; that’s a mistake in the documentation.

You can verify this with the ACTIONS debug command, which shows exactly what’s happening.

Thanks for verifying that, and for the tip about ACTIONS.

so, I should expect an update of your DM4 addenda ?

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dott. Piergiorgio.

ps. someone can contact Graham asking for permission for editing and releasing a DM4r ?

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The I6 Addendum document only covers the compiler and the Inform 6 language. I’m not making any attempt to cover library issues. I don’t know them all and I’m not doing work on the library.

If DavidG (or anyone) wants to start an Inform 6 Library Addendum document, I can post it at