QuestBusters: The Adventurer's Newsletter

So I was looking at the beginning of the Usenet archives for and I found a message about a newsletter called QuestBusters, about adventure games at the time. A brief search uncovered a whole treasure trove of back issues dating back to November of 1984. They’re scanned and in PDF format.

I thought this was a really fun bit of nostalgia, and I had to share. I never subscribed to it, but had I known about it, I might have! There are a few old posts written by prior subscribers here, but nothing that seemed to lead to an archive. I’m interested in hearing from anyone who may have read issues when they were released, or any other such newsletters and fanzines that might have existed back then.


This was edited by Shay Addams, who also edited the Quest for Clues books.

Here’s a few:

  • Aardvark Newsletter
  • Adventure Coder
  • Adventure Probe
  • The ADVSIG Gazette (Adventure SIG Australia)
  • Adventure Survivors
  • Adventure Workshop
  • Bare-Bones
  • Classic Adventurer (glossy modern production)
  • Drifters Monthly/ADRIFT Newsletter/Inside Adrift
  • From Beyond
  • Goblin Gazzette [sic]
  • Micro Adventurer (commercial magazine)
  • QL Adventurers’ Forum
  • Red Herring
  • SPAG (text file distributed by email, if I remember correctly)
  • SynTax (disk magazine, I believe)
  • The Adventure & Strategy Club
  • The Adventurers Club Ltd
  • The Adventurers Handbook

And, of course, there were lots of previews, reviews, interviews, hints, maps and walkthroughs in all the commercial magazines and user group newsletters.


Shay was also a contributor to other magazines like Compute and was well known for his guidebooks such as Quest for Clues.

Sadly, if what I’ve read on the socials recently is correct, Gerald “Shay Addams” Moore tragically died in a fire in December last year.