Quest For Lubok - Life Imitating Art

I want to take the time in thanking you for being there for me and Quest for Lubok. In my corner of the world, we have been having some pretty bad smoke coming from the wildfires burning in Jasper. Which in my honest opinion is truly a crime in itself. It’s a very beautiful area to enjoy the embrace of nature.
But as I was a kid living up north we would get some pretty bad forest fires. The smoke would turn the sky yellow and it was as if you were walking around blindfolded.
My family and I would stay inside and try to pass the time and while I was working on the game this morning it brought me back to when I was playing DOS games. It’s funny how one’s mind kind of takes you back to such a place.
It was as if I was a child again when I was working on the new portion of the Isle of Begafor. This section brought about the small market where those who work in the mind can go about and buy items to help them in their lives after their shift was done. In this portion of the game, you discover that the lives of the people who live in this area are nothing more than tired souls, attempting to make a living in the world they inhabit. It’s what you’d find in another country perhaps all the while you are the outsider.

In the mine, you must find out the truth about the winter spider infestation and from there you discover the dark and twisted secret to why everyone’s dying. The main idea about this comes from certain moments in history. All the while greed is the greatest poison to ever kill someone’s very soul. This is the task of just one individual who has been paid to close the mine down at any cost. We see that these actions bring about the entrance of the winter spiders who feast upon those they capture.
The winter spider strikes fear into the souls of those who come upon them. For they have the power to overpower a group of twelve strong with ease. Their venom will cause one to lose all control of their body and make them an easy meal. It is extremely agile and can hide within the shadows almost perfectly. They prefer cold and dark locations so this makes the mine the perfect location.
Within the mine, you wander about and soon discover those poor souls that have had their lives ended by such fowl creatures. After some time is spent you meet those who attempted to have fled but were stopped by such creatures and though you see the odd spider here and there they pretty much leave you alone. Almost, as if they want you to see what they had done and tell the outside world.
No matter where one is in this world you will always overcome the toxin known as greed. It makes people do things that they otherwise would never do. The discovery of such a plot brings you to that mindset. On top of that when I was a child with my friends we would venture through caves within the area. Usually, they were old and abandoned and of course, they were dangerous but when you’re a child you tend not to care about dangers. Now, of course, being older and wiser and with children myself, I would be watching my kids like a hawk. Plus, I now know what I was doing back then was completely stupid and I’m lucky to not get hurt or even killed.
With the journey that you take within this mine, you discover what these people are mining. I always wanted to throw in a few elements from my childhood and make its personnel. My life’s goal is to bring about a fun adventure where you the player can modify, add on too, and just enjoy while relaxing. Nothing spells fun like exploring an almost alien world. But as with Quest for Lubok, you will find that many elements and locations, of course, are based on areas that I use to explore when I was a child living all over Canada.
It’s a love letter of sorts for those who love the retro games of yesteryear and casual gaming. I’m making a game not to drain one’s own pockets but to bring about a sense of adventure, a sense of fright, and a sense of the unknown. That’s why I truly love making this game, working on the site, and making videos. It makes me feel great knowing that you fine folks are playing this game and knowing that I have friends and fans. Those are the reasons why I will never stop working on Quest for Lubok and I know you’ll love what I’m going to release next. *If you like what you read come on over to my site where you can play Quest for Lubok.

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