Quest 5 interpreter

Does anyone know where I can find a Quest 5 interpreter? Preferably for Linux, but I can’t even find one for Windows. The Quest website only seems to offer the adventure creation software for download.

Alternatively, I would also be thankful if someone could tell me a way of saving your progress in an online Quest 5 game.

The Quest 5 interpreter is Quest 5 - you can download and play Quest games in Quest 5.

There’s currently no way of saving progress when playing online but this is a planned feature.

OK, thanks. So that means that currently, a Quest 5 game complicated enough to require saving is effectively Windows-only?

Unfortunately yes.

Quest games can run on Linux and Mac using Mono, but so far I’ve only got a console-mode application working - the UI would need redeveloping for these platforms. That shouldn’t be too much work actually, because the code is separated quite cleanly, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

( if anyone would like to help out!)

Glad to see people consistently choosing the wrong dev tools to write their software, with lack of portability biting them in the arse only after it’s too late to do anything about it :stuck_out_tongue:

.NET is about as portable as anything else these days. UI code generally has to be rewritten for each platform unless you want a sucky UI.

You can use the same UI code across platforms and have it look nice too. Of course not with .NET. You would need to go the native code route.

You can use Gtk# in .NET/Mono for cross-platform UI - but it doesn’t look nice.

Aren’t there Qt bindings? It looks very nice on all major OSes. Gtk only looks good on 50% of Linux systems (not even all of them.)

It looks like there were Qt bindings:

Ah looks like I misread, the Qyotodevelop project was abandoned, but the bindings still exist -