Quest 5.4 released

Quest 5.4 has now been released. You can download the Windows version or run it in your web browser.

The major new features in this version are:

  • Gamebook mode has been seriously beefed up. The future of interactive fiction may or may not be parser-based - Quest has both types of games covered. With the new scripting ability in gamebook mode, you can build way more sophisticated games and have a much richer game state than simply the player’s current “page”, which is what gamebook mode was previously limited to.
  • The new “text processor” makes it very easy to include conditional text, object links, in-line images and random text.
  • Code view in the script editor makes it easy to edit the underlying scripting language “beneath” the English-language version - so if you’re comfortable programming the traditional way, you can now mix and match coding with Quest’s visual approach, without having to reload your entire game in a text editor.

For full details, see the original beta announcement and today’s release announcement on the blog.