Quest 5.0 - Release Candidate 1 is now available

Quest 5.0 Beta 1 is now available.

The Editor is now fully functional, and although there is still some way to go to make it slicker and easier to use, it is now possible to create a Quest 5.0 game from scratch - in English, Dutch or German.

You can download Quest 5.0 from:

Full details on what’s new are in this blog post: … available/

Beta 2 is now available, featuring a redesigned Script Editor, support for displaying a picture above text, timers, per-turn scripts, random numbers and packaging a game (including all libraries and external sound/picture files) into one file.

You can download it now from:

And more details are on the blog: … -released/

Beta 3 is now available from:

There is a first draft of the tutorial now available at:

And more info on the blog here: … available/

So very nearly finished now - Beta 4 has been released: … l-release/

You can download it here:

Release Candidate 1 is now available - this will be the “gold” release unless more bugs are found.

I still need to update the documentation, so the final release will be available towards the end of August.

Blog post: … ndidate-1/

You can now download Quest 5.0 from the main Quest downloads page:

Alex, I was just looking at RC2 and it’s significantly improved from one of the betas I looked at a couple months ago. Good work. It’s much more stable.

Also, I’m glad to see there’s more robust documentation now. As someone who hasn’t really worked with previous versions of Quest, it’s always good to have documentation.