Quentaria - A story about adventurers when not adventuring.

Play it here!

I’m going to be honest, this isn’t really much of a game. It’s very short, there aren’t any puzzles, and no way to lose. I wanted to focus more on the dialogue, honestly. It’s also the first thing I’ve made with Inform 7, so I wanted to start small.

This is actually a re-attempt at an abandoned short story of mine, set in a universe I made for a tabletop RPG. I figured that redoing the story in an interactive format would be an interesting idea, and it’d give me a lot of practice for Inform. If you read my thread with me asking so many questions, this is what it all went for. Thanks for your help!

Please ignore the tutorial mode, it’s for other people I showed this off to that weren’t very experienced with text adventures, so I gave them a little help.

This might be the biggest story on Playfic (though until the maintainer decides to allow us access to older games, it’s impossible to be certain). Out of curiosity, did you program it entirely on Playfic? Or did you use the Inform 7 IDE and the copy/pasted in order to benefit from Playfic’s free and easy hosting?

Not a bad little game. You might want to add some more synonyms, such as “examine”, “exam” or “ex” for “look at” or “coat” for “jacket”. Otherwise it was cute and fairly linear. Good for IF beginners, I would say.

I copied and pasted the code into Playfic, actually, since that seemed like a decent place to host. I also keep it on Dropbox, although that’s more for quick editing and testing.

I’m honestly considering doing more games in this setting with actual puzzles and such. Possibly even a small RPG, although that’d be pretty hard to pull off.

Out of curiosity, what prompts you to ask for this? For years, “examine” has been the standard accepted verb to “look at” something, and “x” its synonim. Do you have any particular reason for the synonims you propose? Do they make more sense for you to type? Or are you maybe thinking of newcomers to IF?

Habit. I always try several versions of “examine” to see if the author implemented them. To tell you the truth I keep forgetting to try x.

I believe there are a few things that react differently to the word ‘examine’, mostly the mirror and the window. But that’s so you get a different response for looking in them or through them.

If the only reason someone would try them is to see if they’re implemented, is that reason enough to implement them?

Congrats on finishing this! I had fun with it & finally got around to discovering Playfic and what it was and what it did. Very cool stuff.

It’s good to see you coming through so quickly after being active in the I6/I7 subforums. It seems Playfic is really really good for a relatively quick game.