QTads 2.1.1 has been released

Version 2.1.1 of QTads, a Multimedia/HTML TADS interpreter for Linux, Mac, Windows and other platforms, is now available for download:


This version provides new features as well as bug fixes. Changes since 2.1:

  • When the interpreter needs to scale an image, it can now use bilinear filtering. This results in smoother images (without filtering, scaled images can appear pixelated or have other scaling artifacts). However, the configuration dialog provides an option to disable filtering, since it also makes scaled images appear less sharp. Example with/without filtering:


  • The “Game Information” metadata viewer now supports and displays cover art images (as specified by the Treaty of Babel.) Also, the list of recognized names and values (like “Genre”, “Headline”, “Forgiveness”, etc) should now be complete:


  • The list of recently played games now behaves a bit smarter; it will use the actual name from the game’s meta data (if available) rather than the path/filename, and will also try to avoid duplicate entries (which can happen when symbolic links are used in the path and/or filename.)

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in games using the wrong font in some places. “Six Stories” is one example; it would previously use a wrong font for input, titles and statusbar.

  • It is now possible to use the main game font as input font through a new option found in the configuration dialog.

  • The file I/O safety level feature of the VM is now configurable through the configuration dialog.

  • The interpreter now correctly responds to game queries about whether graphics, audio and hyperlinks are currently enabled or disabled. Previously, the interpreter would always report that these features are enabled, making it impossible for games to adapt their behavior.

  • Fades and crossfades are now correctly advertised as being supported. Previously, the interpreter wrongly responded with “not supported” when a game was querying about it.

  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred while entering non-latin characters.