Putting TADS games online with jetty?

I was pottering around inky’s site the other day and I ran across Jetty, a java-based interpreter for TADS 2 that allows you to play games online. Which seems awesome! But it also doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2002, and also I guess TADS 2 isn’t TADS 3. Is that why people don’t use Jetty to post TADS games online?

There are probably a few examples of Jetty in use, but you’re right that it isn’t very popular. For good reason - Java is horrid.

Although it’s also Java (or JVM at least) ZMPP is having TADS 3 support added to it. I don’t know how stable it is yet.

Here’s where I show my total ignorance of the subject – what does Parchment run on? Javascript, I guess. What’s the difference?


Worked on me, I guess! Though perhaps not in the way they expected.

Yeah, Javascript really has nothing in common with Java other than that they both use curly brackets { }! It’s actually becoming more similar to Python in many ways, though it’s prototype-based inheritance model is pretty unique for mainstream languages.

ZMPP’s TADS3 support is far from being done. I don’t expect to be able to show anything significant beyond the first screen until the second half of this year. Analyzing the execution paths of the reference implementation is very tedious.


Could Google Web Toolkit be used to turn the Java interpreters into JavaScript? I don’t know much about GWT other than that it can be used to compile Java into JavaScript, so I don’t know how much work that would require and if it would be feasible at all.

Not worth it, anything it produced would have terrible performance. That said, z-machine.appspot.com/ is exactly that: a Java interpreter, ZAX, converted to Javascript with GWT.