Putting Hyperlinks in Menu Extension

I want to put a hyperlink to a menu inside of another menu but Emily Short’s extension will no let me do this. Instead I get this message:

Fatal Error: Printing text to a window that is waiting for line or character input is not allowed.

I have tried every way I know to tell the code that I want to re-direct the select command (SPACE) by activating it and then supplying a new menu destination. The most obvious thing I thought to try was calling the quit rule in the Menus extension after naming the hyperlink as an action, ex:

[code]Understand “click here” as changingtables.
changingtables is an action out of world.

Carry out changingtables:
follow the quit rule;
now the current menu is …[/code]

This was an early example, I have tried all sorts of configs including naming the player’s input as HTML Unicode before calling the quit rule, and trying to duplicate Emily’s menu depth code directly into my conditions in an effort to get the extension to act on a hyperlink - but no go. Also, If I edit the extension it can only be saved again in the secondary extensions folder, the original one that is included with Inform cannot be edited and saved in its own file. How do I deal with this issue?