PunyInform v4.0 released

PunyInform v4.0 is out!

There are a few breaking changes this time, but they are well documented in the release notes, and it’s easy to adjust your code.

Some news in v4.0:

  • When using the cheap scenery extension, you can now use a reaction routine to react to any action the player tries to apply to the object. Reaction routines replace description routines. (Thanks @heasm66 for the inspiration!)
  • You can set no_implicit_actions = true; and the library won’t issue any implicit actions.
  • Parser won’t try to auto-take objects which can’t be taken anyway (Static, scenery and animate). (Thanks @Warrigal and @KrocCamen for the suggestion!)

Read the full release notes and get the new version at Releases · johanberntsson/PunyInform · GitHub


The Inform6 package for Unix now has this and is updated to 6.36 Release 4.


Thanks !

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