Punctuation Removal - Beginner Qsn

I have managed yet again to confoose myself.

I wanted to include WhoWhat by David Cornelson. This Extension calls on Punctuation Removal by Emily Short. Because I had not included that Extension the WhoWhat choked.

So I Include Punctuation Removal by Emily Short and then I am told that it is z-machine only, which is not what I am using. The manual says that Punc Removal is built into I7 anyway so I tried using an After reading a command: remove stray punctuation (to see if Punc Removal was indeed already operating) but it claimed not to understand that.

What am I missing? I’m presuming there is something simple I have overlooked but no clue as to what.

(Just in case that wasn’t terribly clear - by removing the Include Punc Removal line from WhoWhat i can get WhoWhat to work and my game to compile, BUT without any functioning Punc Removal “Who is Sue” works but “Who is Sue?” doesn’t. Which is er no good.)

Well, it seems you’re using Glulx… Unfortunately, that means Punctuation Removal won’t work (at least yet - hopefully someone (Emily?) will be able to create a Glulx version of it, as well).

The fact that the manual mentions Punctuation Removal to be built into I7 means that it is automatically usable without having to download it from somewhere - it is shipped with I7.

I have in fact just uploaded a biplatform version of Punctuation Removal to the extensions website, here:

inform-fiction.org/I7/Downlo … sions.html

(See “Biplatform Punctuation Removal” under “Understanding”.) Eventually this will become the standard form in the regular distribution.

To use it, download and install the extension, then remove the line that says

Include Punctuation Removal by Emily Short.

and replace it with

Include Biplatform Punctuation Removal by Emily Short.

Yay yay totally yay… thank you very much for both explanation and new extn respectively! -clickclick-