Publishing on a website (like a flash game)

Hi guys, I have seen several references to making Inform games run on websites and I was wondering how I might go about it. Basically I have been thinking about taking my beta and put it online as a working game for people to test at some point and was wondering if it was possible to make it into a browser game that can save and load games somehow. Is it possible?

The simplest way is to add the directive

Release with an interpreter.

anywhere in your source code. Then when you click “Release”, Inform will automatically create a playable online version using the Parchment interpreter.

Oh cool, thanks. I was hunting through the menus looking for a radio button or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

It turns out Inform doesn’t understand the phrase ‘Release with an interpreter’. :stuck_out_tongue: Can anyone help?

Try “Release along with an interpreter.”

Turns out I needed to install an interpreter to use. I’m using this one currently and it seems to work now, thanks.

Quixe is built into Inform (and has been for a few years now). You might want to install a newer version once I have graphics fully working, but that’s the only difference.