Publishing Inform 7 game on website issues

We need to figure out how to embed the Inform 7 game in our Wix website. Is the game in the javascript file? Is that what we would need to load? Is there an easier way to do this that we aren’t seeing?

Are you using the “Release along with an interpreter” option described in chapter 25.11?

You need to copy the entire PROJECT.materials/Release folder to your web site.

I did this experimentally once by embedding an Inform-published browser version hosted elsewhere (I’m not sure if you can just upload a raw html page and components like what Inform creates to Wix?)

I had my game working on and embedded it on the Wix site so it was playable in a window (Add>More)

Screenshot 2018-05-02 01.56.59.png
Uploading to is as simple as uploading the zipped contents of what Inform exports (Using the “release along with a website and an interpreter” parameters) into a project on itch and setting the game as browser-playable. It will run the index.html file in the top level of your zip in the frame.

I suppose having it on defeats the purpose of having it on Wix, but they’re set up to host and handle the bandwidth at no cost to you. I don’t know if you could use the “secret” URL with the game set to private draft if you don’t want it promoted on itch. Or if you can get it running on your blog or through alternate web hosting, you could embed that.

I hope I didn’t misinterpret your question and I’m not the smartest person about these things. There may be a better way of doing this I don’t know about. Possibly if you pay for a premium Wix site they let you build something out of raw HTML?

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Thank you so much HanonO! That is very helpful for our project.