PSA: "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" is $1.99 today.

… On Today only.

Oh, sweet! I didn’t know this was available, I’ve wanted to play it for years. First game I’ve ever bought online, and gog gave me a bunch of free games including Beneath a Steel Sky when I created my account! So there goes January.

Thanks for sharing!

I would really be curious to hear what other folks think of this game. It’s one of the strangest games ever - an interesting* attempt to translate a classic sci fi story into a 90s-style adventure game. My experience with it was uneven (I played it to completion straight for two days).

  • awkward.

It certainly is uneven. Puzzle design isn’t alway at its best, I often found myself flundering even to know whether I was in the right track. But for atmosphere and and quality of writing and sheer awesomeness it’s the tops.