Prospero: An interactive convalescence


I’m happy to finally be able to announce my next work, a short story for sub-Q Magazine. Prospero is an adaptation of EA Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death, built using Undum and Raconteur. It’ll be available in a fortnight on sub-Q Magazine. If you haven’t checked out sub-Q yet, you should – the published and upcoming works include a new story by Porpentine and a remastered version of My Father’s Long, Long Legs.

That’s awesome. Will you also be making a sort of zipped, offline-playable version available?

Nope! This will be available exclusively on sub-Q magazine, at least for the near future.

Ah. Ok. I’ll be waiting for the far future, then.

It’s still awesome, mind you.

Nice cover art! And congrats!

Yeah, the sub-Q team did a great job (all I did was pick out the illustration - it’s from a 1919 edition of Poe’s stories). And thank you!

Say! Very psyched to see “Prospero” coming up, Sequitur.

FWIW, stories on sub-Q are always free and open. Free-range IF is more humane!

Prospero has been released! You can go play it now!

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It seems to download and play nicely offline (and therefore potentially in my mobile devices to be easily playable anywhere) if I just save the game as a web page. So I’m happy.

Very cool! Glad it’s working for you, Peter. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

I see from this post that Prospero should be readable on an iPad. Unfortunately, I find that it is impossible to scroll to read the text of even the first passage using either Safari or Chrome on an iPad Air 2. Has anyone else been able to read it on an iPad?

Interesting and unfortunate, Erik! Thanks for this heads up. Will investigate.

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce your problem – it works fine on Chrome’s device mode, and I don’t have an iPad. Are you able to play other Undum stories, like Mere Anarchy or The Play?

EDIT: I’ve confirmed that the issue affects iPads and I think I know what causes it; I’m working on a fix currently.

Yes, other Undum stories work. That suggests that the problem may be with the way that’s the file interacts with sub-q.

EDIT: Disregard everything I posted here; it turns out the bug was (probably) caused by something else entirely that I didn’t think of. Not having access to an iPad, it’s difficult for me to provide support for issues that only affect that device. Hopefully, it should be solved now.

OK. There’s a majestic workaround in place. It should no longer show you an iframe on iOS.

It looks like the cache has kicked. If you’re willing, I’d love for you to give “Prospero” another go–and any of the other sub-Q stories that may have been locked off for you!

Thank you again for the info. It’s been a huge help.

I realized I never responded to this. I was able to play, and enjoy, Prospero on the iPad after you put in this workaround. Thanks!

PHEW. Thanks for the update. That was kind. Thank you for your perseverance!