Properties of scenes

In my practice game, I have scenes that can have an either/or property–

A scene can be miserable or rosy.  A scene is usually miserable.

So far, there are two scenes–

Agonizing is a scene.  Agonizing begins when play begins.  Agonizing ends when the deadly nail is on John's body.  Freedom is a rosy scene.  "Now it is off to Freedom!"  Freedom begins when Agonizing ends.

So, Scene 1, Agonizing, is a miserable scene(as scenes usually are), but Freedom is a rosy one. By the manual, section 10.4, I should be able to say the following–

Instead of thinking during a miserable scene: say "You can barely put two words together on paper, much less think, during this miserable scene."

Instead, I got the following error message—

"Problem. An internal error has occurred: not a description. The current sentence is ‘Instead of thinking during a miserable scene’ ; the error was detected at line 111 of “inform7/Chapter 20/Descriptions.w”. This should never happen, and I am now halting in abject failure.

What has happened here is that one of the checks Inform carries out internally, to see if it is working properly, has failed. There must be a bug in this copy of Inform. It may be worth checking whether you have the current, up-to-date version. If so, please report this problem via

I am sure that I have the latest version-- build 6M62. I have looked up and down my code to see if I may have any definition that may have been interfered with (by re-use of defined terms)–haven’t found any. Is this a common problem? Do I need to report it as a bug?


I went to the Bug Tracker, found the bug report. The report did not reference a ‘fix’(an update fixing the problem) but did give a workaround–

Instead of thinking when a miserable scene is happening:

It works just fine. But is there an update where the bug is fixed, if I want to use ‘during a [property] scene’?

Looks like the bug was reported just as the most recent release was being finalized; I expect it will be fixed in the next one. You’re probably stuck with “if a miserable scene is happening” until then.

Also, just to clarify, this is definitely a bug. The syntax you’re using is perfectly correct, and even if it weren’t, the compiler should never crash like that.

Thank you both.