Proof of concept: Text adventure graphical RPG-style game

I’ve successfully completed a longstanding dream of mine: to integrate Inform 7 completely into another game.

I’ve taken a basic Canvas html 5 tutorial game by Matt Hackett and integrated it with Inform 7.

Text commands affect movement, and movement affects Inform 7!

The game allows anything Inform 7 can do. My game allows only basic conversation with the goblin, but you could embed Galatea into this seamlessly (if you had the original source code).

And there are no restrictions on what web engine it can be integrated with. It just sends javascript event signals, so any engine that accepts those will work. I am considering using RPG maker to make my game Color the Truth a graphical game. I’m very excited!

I’m linking my sample game. Right now, it doesn’t do anything but demonstrate two-way communication. UNDO, SAVE, and RESTORE don’t work on the graphical end, because I didn’t code them into the pre-made tutorial. If this were integrated with a system capable of saving, then it would be easy to make saves work.

You can try the basic example here: … of-concept

(click the Play Online link)

Mind = blown.
I was not able to move using the arrows or WASD, but is that supposed to work?

Pretty damn awesome.

Even if one only used inform for the conversational parts of a game, that could increase the “real feel” of an rpg. Imagine an rpg full of NPCs like Galatea.