Pronouns: "it" and "he" for the same object?

Can I make both gendered and gender-neutral pronouns apply to the same object, and be set accordingly?

Some time ago, I wrote an extension that allows an object to have two genders at the same time. It hasn’t been uploaded to the extension site, because I hoped to add more features to it; but it can be found in this thread: [url]]. And I’ll attach it to this post.

Please, report any bugs, if you decide to use it.
Second Gender.txt (7.03 KB)

This has come up several times in my games (mainly because I think a game’s quality can be directly and literally measured by counting the number of robots/golems, monstrous aliens, spirit-possessed inanimate objects and talking animals it contains) :frowning:

I wrote the Pronouns extension for this. It’s tiny enough I think even Ghalev will approve.

Woo :slight_smile: