Prom Dress help

I’m playing through Only Possible Prom Dress, but mostly in “sightseeing” mode.
However, unless I’ve breezed past something obvious, I don’t know how to get the wagon down to the crypt. The elevator doesn’t seem to have an option for going that low, and the grotto tells me the floor is too rough to roll over. Maybe I didn’t check the hints exhaustively, but does anybody know?


Some hints in increasing order of spoileriness:

The grotto is too rocky; the elevator is the right approach.

If the elevator could go down to the basement, what would it’s controls look like?

There’s more to the control panel than meets the eye.


There’s an extra button hidden at the bottom of the control panel; I’m doing this by year and a half old memory, but I think you need to unscrew it with the screwdriver then PUSH or PULL or SLIDE it, or some verb like that.


Okay great, thanks a lot Mike!

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