Prodecual Text replacement,


I am trying to achieve the following : I want to replace the text output of my game. I don’t want to replace it manually. It want it to replace random words with another.

An example will make this clear.

Parking Lot
There are a lot of cars parked here.

And then I want to randomly replace two words with, say “rain”.

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I suppose you could use the extensions Output Filtering by Ron Newcomb or Text Capture by Eric Eve to the purpose. But you need to define to yourself exactly what you want to do.

When the player goes to the parking lot, obviously s/he shouldn’t get the output

(or should s/he the first time round?)

But what output is acceptable?



Do you want only the things you write yourself to be subject to the substitutions or also all the default output? The latter would lead to output like:

Depending on your exact purpose I guess that using the ordinary syntax for text substitution (Ch. 5 in the built-in Manual) may well be the easiest way to do it.

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