Problems with "release along with an existing story..."

Alright, I am trying to test to see how I can use a z5 file I made ages ago with hopes that I fix certain things with it on the fly with Inform 7. I use the code as thus:

Release along with the story file called "blah.z5".

Of course I did the settings zcode but also uncheck the zblorb wrapper… Any clues to what I did wrong… That’s all I did just to test it. It compiles, but when played with Frotz, it does not do anything, but a blue screen prompting me to enter, and then takes me out of Frotz. What gives?

The version I am using 6M62, and it’s the GNOME version of Inform 7 for Linux.

It’s possible that releasing along with an existing story file is bugged. That seems to happen a lot; see, though I’m not sure if that applies to your case.

I’m not sure entirely what you’re trying to do, though… I think “release along with an existing story file” is only for taking existing story files and binding them up with cover art and bibliographic data and the like. You won’t be able to do anything more with Inform 7 with this option, I don’t think; the .z5 file is going to have to stay as it is.

Could you just include it as a downloadable feelie for now? "Release along with a file of “Part One” called “blah.z5”. Maybe zip it if that works better?