Problems with Parchment on IFDB

The automatically generated iPlayIF page for Renegade Brainwave is not working.

An error occurred:

Parchment could not load the story. Check your connection, and that the URL is correct.

Could this be because of the filesize? It’s 53.7mb with the music. I can upload a music-less option, and I notice that Mathbrush has done this with Absence of Law.

Hi, yes this is hitting a limit, and actually one imposed by Google App Engine, not the code I wrote. It looks like 22MB is the functional limit for now (I could go above it, but I’d have to rewrite the server. Which I do eventually intend to do.)

Definitely do a version without music, especially as Parchment doesn’t yet support sound. It’s just wasted bandwidth!

I’d suggest that 53MB is too big a file to download without warning anyway. Maybe in the future Parchment could warn players and get their approval before initiating such a download. I’ll add that to my notes.


Done! That’s all working fine now, thanks Dannii!

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