Problems with Ending the Story


First time posting here. Basically, I am having some issues with ending my story. There are several endings, and they all work flawlessly save the ‘good ending’ (which, as it turns out, is rather ironically named).

The good ending begins when the player sets fire to themselves in their father’s study. Don’t question it. Problem is, once they come around, ideally I’d like it so that all the player has to do is to push enter and the text that I want to come up will come up. However, a) even this simple task is beyond me, a relative novice, and b) I can just tell people are going to try typing things into the command line during this scene.

So, my question is: is there a way to just detect that a player has put something into the command line, even if it’s just a straight enter? I’ve tried using “reject the player’s command” in a variety of ways, but for some reason it won’t then print the story-end and just cycles through endless blank lines followed by another command prompt.

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you want to use the “wait for any key” phrase, which is in Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.

yeah, that’s exactly it. Thanks a million! You’ve just helped me overcome the final obstacle in my story.